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Real Estate Promo Film special $250.00

Spectacle Cinema has mailed out over 50 promotional Film invitations to local realtors for a special summer promo ending on October 31 2013.
The promo is a real estate film for $250 .This is the silver package that caries a $400 dollar value. You can now book it for $250.00. If you didn’t receive a promo invitation, you can leave a message and contat us at the Contact us page and ask for an invitation. Call now to book your real estate film!

New RealEstate shoot packages

NEW Real estate shoot packages!!
Spectacle Cinema is proud to introduce a new real estate shoot packaged aimed at entry level properties. Many times a realtor is listing an inexpensive property and the investment of video marketing may be costly for the commissions being paid on the sale of estate. This is where the new shoot package comes in handy. It is 50% less expensive than the middle packages. This gives three tiers of products we can offer. For more information on the new products ,contact Spectacle Cinema for a quotation.
An example of the new shoot style can be seen here: