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Dance recital

Absolute Dance DVD orders can now be placed on line for 2015!

2015 Absolute Dance DVD's can now be pre-ordered online. Orders can also be placed at the recital practice April 25th or during the event on April 26th. If you missed out ordering last years 2014 DVD's. Please put in any order now, as we'll be closing down 2014 prior to the 2015 event on April 26th.
If you don't have an order form, here is a copy you can print off and send it.


Absolute Dance DVD's ready

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Absolute Dance 2013 production has been completed! The first orders began shipping this week. There will be a pickup location at the Dance Studio for orders that indicated pickup on Saturday June 08th. Please note there was a bug in the chapter markers in the afternoon DVD. Replacement DVDs have been sent for the Saturday Pickup. These new DVDs use a lightscribe printing label technology. They look great! Spectacle Cinema apologises for any inconvenience the chapter markers caused viewers. Please make sure to pick up a replacement DVD if you received yours by mail. Or contact Spectacle Cinema and a replacement will be shipped for original mail orders.
Thanks for your patience
Best Regards