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19 August 2012

Brad Ross Performance Videos

In his debut performance Brad Ross shows tremendous control over the piano and an impressive command of compositional technique. A fine pianist at an early age he has outdone himself by creating a challenging but rewarding Piano Sonata. The present video shows the first of three movements. A menacing theme in the bass starts this movement only to be coaxed into more intensity both musically and technically. To put a final touch on this challenging movement a fugue will be heard. This recording was created on May 27th, 2012 at Aeolian Hall in London, Ontario. Second movement: http://youtu.be/2e82HTv49dQ Third movement: http://youtu.be/jtdW1oQuI1U Video production by: Michael Kovach, Spectacle Cinema Audio Recording: Jordan Stevens, CJSmusic, http://cjsmusic.ca

Sonata in G 1st Movement

Second Movement

Third Movement