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Wedding event videography can be tough and very demanding. It takes a solid crew to pull it off and capture all the important moments of a wedding. Spectacle Cinema has great deal of experience shooting weddings. If fact, Spectacle Cinema has over three years experience in wedding event videography and cinematography. We take wedding videography very seriously.
We have shot weddings and created films all over Ontario from Windsor to North Bay, to Kingston ! Spectacle Cinema’s approach to wedding services includes an a la carte menu for the client to pick and choose their own chapters in their wedding day. You can select from preconfigured chapters, add a wedding highlights film, or even skip the documentary portions and just have a beautifully custom designed cinematic wedding film. The choice is yours. After selecting the options you desire, and meet your budget, simply let us know and we’ll send you a wedding contract to sign.

Wedding costs

Please use this contact form to request a wedding event date so your wedding can be quoted. Please include the location information of the event.


Spectacle Cinema shoots with only the very best in low light cameras, Canon L lenses and Sigma "Art" series Prime lenses which can be viewed the our equipment page here : http://www.spectacle-cinema.com/Equipment/Equipment.html

Spectacle Cinema Wedding Films

Robyn & Michael

Kasia & Michael

Dave & Kate

Dave & Kate from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.

Robert & Ashley

Robert & Ashley from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.

Bonita & Randy

Bonita & Randy from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.

Angus & Laura