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17 February 2013

Amazing Kids Jesse and Amelia Hilton

A story about Amazing Kids, Jesse and Amelia Hilton from London, Ontario. Their passion and skills are depicted in this film by listening to their song and dance. This episode to be aired on RogerTV in The show "Amazing Kids".

Diane Gordon Etiquette Essentials

Spend five minutes with Diane Gordon, a Certified Corporate Etiquette & International Protocol Consultant in London, Ontario and discover how to make a fabulous first impression and how your handshake will set you a part. To elevate your confidence and professionalism, contact Diane Gordon at dg@etiquetteessentials.ca or 519-902-0867, www.etiquetteessentials.ca

Created by Spectacle Cinema of London, ON. www.spectacle-cinema.com
Shot on Canon 5D Mark iii

New Orleans Swamp Boat tour

See New Orleans from Burbon Street to the swamps in this FIlm about New Orleans. A video I shot while at a trade show in New Orleans. Shot with 5D mark iii and Canon 50 mm F 1.4 for the low light scenes. Canon 24-105 IS L for the outdoor scenes.