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Philip Bloom Toronto 2 day workshop

I just returned from Toronto over the week at the Philip Bloom Workshop. It was an amazing workshop that challenged my shooting skills and story concept skills in a very short time period. Basically fourteen students had two hours to come up with a thirty second short story on an object we selected. I happened to choose a child’s toy train.
My original plan was to use perspective to make the train appear to be in the city of Toronto by using the Toronto skyline. After a few shots of this, I had to come up with some story line. So below is the story I came up with for the challenge.

Many thanks to Philip Bloom, Sarah Estela and all the assistants at Rikitik Productions for putting together this fabulous workshop! The student film were incredible and I was impressed by the raw talent of the students. I can’t wait to see the Vancouver student films! See Philip’s blog site here for details


A Trainy Afternoon from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.