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New Orleans Swamp Boat tour

See New Orleans from Burbon Street to the swamps in this FIlm about New Orleans. A video I shot while at a trade show in New Orleans. Shot with 5D mark iii and Canon 50 mm F 1.4 for the low light scenes. Canon 24-105 IS L for the outdoor scenes.

St Marys Film

Well, We never made it too the Devil’s Punch Bowl on Saturday, So we travelled to St. Mary’s Ontario to film along the River walk path and highlight various scenes along the way. The weather turned out beautiful and it was an excellent day for filming. You’ll notice several Pico Dolly shots as I bought one a few days before and this was really the first time I have shot with the unit. You really need a level surface to use this thing , as it’s like a skateboard with a camera attached. I hope yo enjoy the film. The vimeo link is here:

St-Marys from Michael Kovach on Vimeo.