Spectacle Cinema

You can’t make a movie without equipment! Spectacle shoots using Sony FS7 ,Canon C100Mark ii and Canon C100 cameras. This Sony FS7 Cinema Camera is a 4K Production camera that also shoots at extremely high frame rates of up to 180 frames per second. This makes it an excellent choice for Films requiring slow motion effects. It is a low light monster that uses a very high bit rate. The high bit rate keeps all the detail in the images and allows the camera to produce extremely high quality images like Hollywood pictures Digital Movie cameras such as the Red One and Arri Alexa. The interchangeable lens system allows for high quality optics to be used such as Zeiss, Nikkor, Canon, Leica and virtually any other type of lens made. The coupling of high quality glass and high bit rate yields professional quality images.

Canon EOS C100 used in Digital Film production

Spectacle Cinema just invested in the Canon EOS C200 Digital Cinema camera. This camera produces film like quality images with large dynamic range and clarity. It has been commissioned for use in Real Estate films, where exterior lighting from the sun can prove a problem with interior home shoots. The dynamic range of this camera makes it perfect for these interior shoots with sunlight entering the windows. Traditional DSLR will clip the highlights, but not the C200! It will also be used on all corporate filming where Image quality is critical. The camera can also shoot to two SD cards simultaneously. This ensure a backup copy is being made at the same time. This can be really important for one time events. The camera also excels at shooting in low light.

Mike with glidecamMike with C100 in rig

Camera used in Video/Film productions

Canon C200 4K RAW Cinema camera.

C200 camera

Canon C100

Canon EOS C100 Cinema Camera

Sony FS7 4K Production camera


Canon EOS C100 Mark ii Cinema Camera

Low Light requires the sensitivity of the Sony FS7 or Canon C100 Mark ii. These cameras are employed for any low light situations.